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Home is Where the Heart is

Come see why Northern Arkansas was voted one of the top places to visit in 2021 by the New York Times. Centerpoint Horse Camp and Lodge offers incredible views of the Buffalo National River while being close to many incredible sights, including being right across the road from the Centerpoint Trailhead, along with many different types of sleeping arrangements according to your taste and price range. They're also many activities around the area that are sure to please any outdoor enthusiast or families, like:

  • Hiking Trails (Lost Valley Trail, Centerpoint Trailhead, the Goat Trail, Hideout Hollow Trail, Hawksbill Crag)

  • Canoeing and kayaking at Lost Valley Canoe Rental

  • Ponka Elk Education Center

  • Buffalo National River Park

  • Ziplining at Buffalo River Canopy Tour

  • Biking Trails

  • Horse Trails

  • Caverns


Please be sure to give us a call at (870)-420-3222 if you have any questions or would like to hear about our available rooms and rates. Come see why everyone is talking about Northern Arkansas being the newest tourist destination of 2021 and come learn why Centerpoint Horse Camp and Lodge stands out from the rest when it comes to our hospitality and charm.

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Get to Know Us



Steve Morse

Steve is the owner/operator of Centerpoint Horse Camp and Lodge, which he has owned and operated for a little under two years. During his time operating the ranch, he has made many upgrades and improvements to satisfy every type of camper, from the budget camper, to exceeding expectations with his lodge and cabin. With a kind heart and his Midwest hospitality, he is sure to leave guests coming back year after year.

In his free time, he likes to hike the nearby trails, play jazz, pop and bluegrass music, read, practice yoga and meditation, share many exciting stories in his past, and cook. 

Steve's dream has always been to have a communal place where guests can come and enjoy themselves with many provided amenities while offering events where people can enjoy themselves. With the current renovations that we're in the process of renovating, he believes that he's done just that.


Marketing Coordinator

Richie Mentzer

Live to Adventure, Adventure to Live

Richie likes to think everyday as his last, recently graduating with his Tourism and Hospitality Degree, he has a true knowledge of the world and has a passion to explore every nook and cranny in the time the world gives him.

Before moving to Arkansas to pursue a job as a Marketing Coordinator, he worked for American Cruise Lines as a Steward and Norwegian Cruise Lines as a Hotel Utility Officer. His knowledge and passion for travel is what makes him a true light in the industry. 

In Richie's free time he loves to write novels and poetry, read, share travel stories, watch Netflix, and skateboard.